Enniskillen Chronicle transcripts, 1813-05-27

Source: The Enniskillen Chronicle, 27 May 1813. Published by E. Duffy at Enniskillen, county Fermanagh. From transcriptions by Alison Kilpatrick, 2002–6.



   On Saturday, the 22d, Instant, by special licence, Rear-Admirall Sir Joseph Sydney Yorke, Knt. to the Marchioness of Clan?carde?. The Earl of Hardwicke, Marquis of Winchester, and the Right Hon. Charles Yorke were present. After the ceremony the married couple left town immediately for Sydney Lodge, near Southampton.



   In this town on Monday last, Mrs. Jane Thompson, aged 84 years.

   At the Episcopal Palace, Kilkenny, on Saturday last, after a short illness, the Right Rev. Dr. John Kearney, Bishop of Ossory, in the 72d year of his age.

   Dr. Kearney was elected a Fellow Dublin College in 1764, became Professor of Oratory in 1781, and soon afterwards a Senior Fellow. In 1799 he was appointed Provost, and in 1786 removed to the See of Ossory.

   At Pottarlington, on the 17th instant, in the 80th year of his age, Thomas Stannus, Esq formerly of Carlingford County of Louth, who during a long and active life displayed every virtue that could insure him the respect and attachment of those with whom he had intercourse.

   At Plymouth Dock, Robert Acheson Thompson, Esq. of Oatlands, County of Meath.

   A few days ago, William Talbot, Esq. of Loughane, in the King's County.

   At Kinsale, Lieutenant Edmond E. Benson, of the 76th Regiment.



   At Oakfield, aged 75, Col. Tottenham, son of Sir John Tottenham, of Tottenham Green in the County Wexford, cousin to the Marquis of Ely and brother of the late Geo. Tottenham.

   In Merrion Square, Dublin, on Sunday week, the right Hon. Isaac Corry.

   Lately at Warminster, Betty Crook, aged 105 ; a faithful servant for upwards of 90 years, in one family.-- Except a light imperfection in her hearing, she retained her faculties to the last.

   On the 12th ultimo, at Great Whittington, Northumberland, aged 104, Sarah Robinson alias Sally B?osehill, She reaped in the harvest field, in her 102d year, and retained the use of her faculties near to the last.



AN APPRENTICE to the Wholesale Grocery, Wine and Spirit Business, by


   Enniskillen, May 12, 1813.


County of Fermanagh,


James Montgomery PLAINTIFF.

Robert Montgomery DEFENDANT.

George Montgomery A Same.

James Frith A Same.

   NOTICE is hereby given, that all the right, title, and Interest of the Defendant of, on, and to the lands of Tonny?eagh, will be sold by auction, at the Court House of Enniskillen, on Thursday, the 3d day of June next, at the hour of one o'clock in the after- noon, by virtue of several Wi?s of FIERI FAGIAS in these causes, to be hands of the former, late, and presen [sic] She-iffs of said County.

  Dated May 22, 1813.

  N. B. One third of the purchase money to be paid down at the time of Sale, and the remainder on the Sheriff's making out the Deeds.


  The house of Darby Dwyer, of Doraville, near Cappagh, county of Tipperary, was on Sunday se'nnight attacked by several persons, who robbed him of a gun and 95 guineas, and took off his daughter. A man named Dwyer was committed on Monday to Clonmel jail, charged with the above offence.


   On Wednesday night week, some fellows stole two sheep off the demesne of Tervoc, county of Limerick ; next morning the carcasses were found convenient to Cooper hill, with the bodies cut open, and the fat, &c. taken away.




Further time is given to receive Proposals for the NEW PEWS IN THE GALLERY OF SAID CHURCH Until Saturday the 5th of June next,

  THOSE who have already sent in Proposals may amend them if they think fit, and any person having a property in a Pew at present is permitted to propose for a new one, provided he will give up his present property at a valuation to be made by the Committee, in case he shall become a purchaser of a new Pew, or any part therein. Proposals to be sent to Mr. JOHN STEELE. The Pews to be disposed of are numbered.--Nos. 1 and 13 are already engaged.



   On Saturday last, about the hour of eleven o'clock, the house of Mr. James Service of Dunomoy near Ballyleaston, was visited with one of those phenomena of nature--a thunder storm. It appears that the lightning at first took the western chimney of the house, which it demolished, -asting some of the stones to a great distance. It had descended down the funnel, until it -ame in contact with the crane, or horizontal iron bar, which pot, &c. are descended from, the point of which bar had directed it into the jamb of the chimney piece where it entered and forced heavy stones to a great distance, went through one of which store went through a door at six yards distance, and the glass of a window in the kitchen was shivered into atoms ; and barrels, tubs, and many other articles were scattered upon the floor. Fortunately no person was in the kitchen at the time.

   In another apartment of the house, a woman and child were knocked senseless on the floor ;-- the woman says she felt something like a heavy pressure on her head, which brought her to the ground, and when she recovered her child which was standing beside her, was lying prostrate at some distance, and a considerable hole made in the floor near her. There is marshy soft ground to the eastward of the house, and a pool of standing water, nearly touching the house in the S. E. direction. The thunder did not continue for a long time.

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