Drogheda Conservative transcripts, 1837-07-08

Source: The Drogheda Conservative, 8 July 1837. Published by John Apperson at 17 Peter-street, Drogheda, county Louth. From transcriptions by Alison Kilpatrick, 2002–6.


James Johnston grenadier of the 96th regiment, bathing at Enniskillen on Tuesday, was unfortunately drowned.



   On Tuesday last, a poor man named Clarke, hung himself with a rope from a tree on the road side, between Louth and Ballykelly.


Melancholy Accident.--On Saturday last, while Thomas Jones, an apprentice of Mr. Montgomery, of this town, Apothecary, was bathing near the Graigue Lock, he incautiously advanced too far, and being unable to swim well, he sank, and was almost instantaneously drowned. He was taken up, in a few minutes, and although every medical man in town hastened to the spot, and did all that professional skill could effect to restore animation but in [v]ain--for the vital spark had fled.--Carlow Sentinel.


   Rev. J.B. M'Crea.--This gentleman left Willis's hotel, Enniskillen, on Saturday, on a tour for the furtherance of his mission through the northern and western parts of the country, taking Irvinestown and Petigo in his line of route. The Rev. gentleman proceeded on to Ballyshannon, in the county of Donegal, where at the request of a large portion of the respectable and influential inhabitants of the town, he preached in the Town-hall; the room was literally crowded almost to suffocation.  Mr. M'Crea in his usual and powerful manner gave an able exposé of the errors of Popery with singular success.  Mr. M'Crea passed through this town on Tuesday evening last, to preach in compliance with the wishes of the people of Maguiresbridge, in that town; his friends may expect to see him again in this neighbourhood about the 3d of the next month.--Fermanagh Reporter.


   A.H.C. Pollock, of Mountainstown, in the county of Meath, Esq., Clerk of the Crown for the Province of Leinster, has appointed his son George Annesley Pollock, of No. 3, Palace street, in the city of Dublin, and of Doon, in the county of Meath, Esq., Deputy Clerk of the Crown for the county of Meath, in the room of George Gibbs, Esq., who has resigned the deputation of that county.



Magrath v. Mansfield.

   This was an action for libel cotained [sic] in a letter published in the Evening Packet, signed Vigilantus, of which paper the defendant is the proprietor. The nature of the libel was, that it stated "that if the plaintiff did not cease to take an active part as a radical, the writer in the letter threatened to give a history of the acts which compelled the plaintiff and his brother to emigrate in the year 1813 to Gibralter [sic], and to give a narrative of their gambols while there." The damages were laid at £500.

   Mr. Gilmore stated the case.

   Witnesses were called who stated that the plaintiff had always borne a good and honorable character, and that his reason for going to Gibralter was to engage in trade as a general merchant.

   Mr. Whiteside addressed the Jury for the defence, and his Lordship having charged the Jury, they retired for about half an hour, when they found for the Plaintiff £100 damages and 6d costs.



   On Tuesday last, as Alexander M'Mahon, a labourer in the employment of Mr. Dawson, of Donamine, in the county Monaghan, was returning home from Dundalk with a horse and cart load of coals, he was waylaid and beaten in the most savage and brutal manner, and the bags and coalsdestroyed [sic]. The only cause that can be assigned for this outrage is that M'Mahon was employed as collector of tithes for Mr. Dawson. M'Mahon is in a state of recovery.


County of Louth.

   An order has been received by Captain Simpson to have twenty of the Police force out of each barony, ready in an hour's warning. The north of Ireland is supposed to be their destination.


   The 77th Regiment are under orders for Newry.

   Two troops of the 1st Royal Dragoons arrived here to-day on their way to Monaghan.

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