Drogheda Conservative transcripts, 1837-06-24

Source: The Drogheda Conservative, 24 June 1837. Published by John Apperson at 17 Peter-street, Drogheda, county Louth. From transcriptions by Alison Kilpatrick, 2002–6.



   On Tuesday, in Fair-street, the lady of James Nixon Esq., of a son.



   June 13, Bartholomew Teeling Maginnis, Esq., of Belfast, to Anne, daughter of Patrick Maguire, Esq., of Bonebrooke, County Cavan.

   June 15, at St. James’s, Westminster, Major Armine Mountain, 26th Regiment, fourth son of the late Bishop of Quebec, to Jane, only grand-daughter of the late Lord Bishop of Meath.



   June 15, at St. James’s, Westminster, Major Armine Mountain, 26th Regiment, fourth son of the late Bishop of Quebec, to Jane, only grand-daughter of the late Lord Bishop of Meath.

   At Redlands, near Bristol, lamented by her family and friends, Anne, relect of Mr. Taylor, formerly of Congresbury, Somersetshire.


We are happy to inform the friends of the late Rev. John Magee, that it is intended to erect a Monument to his memory, in the Church of St. Peters. This subject having been incidental[l]y mentioned amongst a few friends, 24l. was subscribed in a short time. His Worship the Mayor, has kindly undertakeing [sic] to receive subscriptions for this laudable purpose.   The Rev. Mr. Mooney, will also receive Subscriptions.


Drogheda Quarter Sessions.

   On Wednesday last, R. Moore Esq. Assistant Barrister for the County of Louth, sat in the Tholsel-- Court for the purpose of registering votes and hearing civil bill processes.

   There were seven notices served on the part of the Conservatives, only one appeared and was registered. The apathy displayed by the Conservatives of this town is truly lamentable, whereas if they came forward they would soon secure the independence of Drogheda.

   There were three radical notices of Registry; none appeared.

   After the Registry 130 civil bill processes were disposed of and three ejectment cases.


Meath Quarter Sessions.

   These Sessions were held on Friday the 16th, before the Hon. J. Plunkett, Assistant Barrister.

The Registry.

   There were 120 notices served but only 18 registered, the Conservatives nine and the Radicals, nine.--We trust that the loyal and influential gentry of Meath, will now exert themselves amongst their tenantry. That a sad contrast does this county present to Carlow which has not half its protestant population and yet returns fit members to the senate. Let Meath be no longer under ignominious thraldom. Conservatives! why should two Individuals aliens to your feeling, enemies to your principles--without talent, without property, and non-residents, represent you in Parliament?

   Destructives we have our eyes upon you, we will watch you at the Registries.


The Registries.

   County of Monaghan.--At the Registry Sessions, held at Castleblaney, on Tuesday, the Conservatives registered 41! the Destructives one!! At the last Sessions the Destructives could not even muster one. Thirty-six of those placed for the Registry belong to the Shirley estate, and 2 to the Leslie estate of Ballybay.

   County of Cavan.--The Registries commenced at Baillieboro’ on Thursday last, and closed the following day--Conservatives registered 34, Destructives 19.

   Cork.--The following is the exact state of the registry at Kanturk Sessions--June 19, 1837.


      Conservatives admitted...2;

      Radicals...(not One to be seen or heard of.)


      Conservatives admitted...11;


      Radicals admitted...2;


   We are glad to hear that our friends in Monaghan and Cavan are active in the good cause. Go on and prosper--Let your example be followed by every county and town in Ireland, and radicalism is no more.


The Rev. Mr. Taaffe, a Dominican Friar near Turlough, was brought in custody to Castlebar for a tithe debt owing to the Rev. G.V. Hart, of Donegal, which he paid with costs, and was liberated.


Death of King William the Fourth.

   The melancholy intelligence of the demise of our late beloved and most gracious Sovereign, William the Fourth, arrived at the Mansion-house last night, about nine o’clock, and was, without loss of time, communicated by the Lord Mayor to the several newspaper offices. The sad tidings were conveyed by express, and reached Kingstown, by the Cinderella steamer, bearing a black flag, shortly after seven o’clock. A special messenger, with a dispatch for his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant, was instantly landed, and he set out for the Lodge, Phoenix Park, where he arrived about half-past eight o’clock. Shortly after the following copy of a letter from the Secretary of the Home Department to the Lord Lieutenant was forwarded by his Excellency to the Lord Mayor:--

Whitehall, June 20, 1837.

   “My Lord--It is my most painful duty to announce to your Excellency, that it has pleased Almighty God to relieve from his sufferings our Most Excellent and Gracious Sovereign, King William the Fourth.

   "His Majesty expired at twelve minutes past two o’clock, a.m., this day.   (Signed)  J. Russell.”

   The above melancholy intelligence on becoming known cast a general gloom over the metropolis. The great bell of St. Paul’s, and the bells of the different churches, were tolled throughout the morning and the shops of the tradesmen partially shut, the same as on occasion of the death of an inmate. The public offices, clubs, &c., were also closed, as if death had made an inroad into every building.

   Viscount Melbourne, having received a communication, attended on her Majesty the Queen, at Kensington Palace, at nine o’clock in the morning, to have an audience.


We understand it is the intention of the Corporation of this Town, to hold a Special General Assembly for the purpose of addressing our Most Gracious Sovereign on the demise of our late and much lamented Monarch, and her Majesty’s accession to the Throne of these Realms.   The civic authorities here, intend proclaiming Her Most Gracious Majesty Victoria the First, on Monday next, according to ancient usage.


Drogheda June Fair.


   There was a large show of horses, mostly in middling condition, and though buyers were few, prime horses were in good demand. Two years old fat wethers sold well at 35s. to 40s.; Lambs 15s. to 20s. Milch cows sold at from £6 to £14; Springers from £6 to £8; good Heifers, dry, 4 years old £6 to £9 10s. Pigs were lower in price; but store Pigs were in good demand. Wool from 16- to 18, per stone.


Lord Viscount Powerscourt, nephew of the Earl of Roden, is about to be brought forward, in conjunction with Ludlow Bruges, Esq., by the Conservative interest, for the representation of this city.--Bath Journal.


The Church.

   The Rev. Richard L. Fitzgibbon, A.M., who is appointed to the valuable living of Killeagh in the diocese of Cork, is not entirely unknown there.--He occasionally advocated, and with great success, some of the local and public charities in that city.

   Testimonial to the late Dr. Quarry.--The subscription is proceeding favourably. Among the subscribers are the Bishop, the Dean, the Archdeacon, the Vicar-General, and many of the Clergy.--Cork Constitution.

   The Rev. Francis Hewson, has arrived at the residence of his father, the Rev. Robert Hewson, Kilcolman Glebe, Milltown, from Birmingham, where he has been for some time past officiating in his ministerial duties.


Presbyterians of Ballibay.--On Wednesday, the 14th Instant, the first Presbyterian congregation of Ballibay presented to their exemplary Pastor, the Rev. William Gibson, a very handsome and costly service, consisting of a teapot, coffeepot, sugarbowl, cream-ewer, and cakesalver, in token of their high sense of his disinterested conduct in refusing compliance with the unanimous call of the first congregation of Derry, and also in testimony of their affectionate esteem for him as their faithful, zealous, and efficient Minister. The tribute was worthy of them that gave and of him who received.


Rev. Mr. Browne, Roman Catholic Curate of Ardmore, has abjured the creed of the Roman Catholic Church, and conformed to the Church of England.


   Printed and Published on Saturdays, by John Apperson, at the Conservative Journal Office, 17 Peter-street.

   Terms.--16s. per Annum Cash, or 18s. Credit; Half-year 8s. Cash, or 9s. Credit; Quarterly 4s. Cash or 5s. Credit.

   Agent.--J.K. Johnston and Co., Eden-quay, Dublin.   All Communications, &c. to be sent postage free.

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