Anticipating the Inevitable Changes Coming to Canada: Preparing Canada and Canadians for the 22nd Century


by James P. Ludwig, Ph.D (May, 2013)

Dust jacket hardcover, ISBN 978-1-48360-540-1

Paperback, 273 pages, ISBN 978-1-48360-539-5

eBook, 273 pages, ISBN 978-1-48360-541-8

273 pp.

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Description: "From his lifelong professional career as an ecological consultant, Dr. Ludwig brings a unique perspective to some of the most pressing of Canada's challenges—economic, geopolitical, demographic and hydrological as well as climatological. He suggests creation of an all-Canadian, East-West Infrastructure Corridor to reverse Canada's drift into dangerous (for Canada) continentalism. This proposal will not be popular with those of our federal and provincial politicians who are committed to failed neo-liberal ideology. Nevertheless, for the rest of us, his perceptive analyses should stimulate critical thinking and even, let us hope, collective action."—Dr. Bruce Partridge. Dr. Partridge speaks from his successive careers as Executive Vice-President of one of the leading US universities, President of a Canadian university, and Vice President & General Counsel of one of Canada's leading multinational mining corporations.

Table of Contents:

    1. Where are we, where are we going and how fast?

    2. The distinct cultures of two North American nations

    3. The inevitable 21st Century trends driving change in Canada

    4. Inevitable worldwide physical trends and unforeseeable events

    5. A vision for a prosperous Canadian future

    6. An East-West Infrastructure Corridor (EWIC) across Canada’s North

    7. A perspective on time and planning

    8. An environmentalist’s perspective

    9. A new role for the Canadian Military Forces

    10. Perspectives on myths about taxation and health care

    11. Cultures and the pernicious neoliberal political landscapes

    12. Failing market-driven North American economies and political choices

    13. Ways to direct and participate in beneficial changes for Canada

    References, citations, and sources

About the author: James P. Ludwig was born in Port Huron, Michigan in 1941 and is a dual Canadian-American citizen. He earned a Ph.D at the University of Michigan in 1968 and published 52 peer-reviewed articles on chemical contamination and the ecology of the Great Lakes between 1961 and 2013, focusing on colonial waterbirds. He collaborated with many government and academic scientists from both the US and Canada for over forty years and watched the inexorable deterioration of the Great Lakes under neo-liberal governments of both nations. He continues to monitor changes in Great Lakes' bird populations and their ecology, relating these environmental changes to public policy during his (semi-)retirement years.

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