James P. Ludwig


James Pinson Ludwig, Ph.D, is an ecotoxicologist. Educated at the University of Michigan as a population ecologist, he began research in graduate school on the effects of toxic chemicals on Great Lakes and North Pacific marine birds and other wildlife. He participated in the early research that helped to ban DDT in 1972 and, more recently, to document and measure the worldwide damage from PCBs and other dioxin-like chemicals that are serious endocrine disruptors affecting development, growth, and survival of animals and humans.

A professional ecologist and reclamation consultant since 1972, Jim has worked for some of North America's largest corporations to clean up and restore contaminated industrial and mine sites and to improve corporate environmental practices. He is writing books for landscape architects on land restoration techniques and how the Great Lakes were virtually destroyed. Jim's primary objective is to influence public policy by drawing attention to the threats of synthetic toxic substances, the pervasive and dangerous nature of neo-liberalism, and the crippled environmental regulatory agencies of Canada and the United States. Jim strives to educate and inform with sufficient detail to make complex phenomena understandable. He hopes that his eco-novels also serve to entertain, in a unique style. He maintains a consulting practice while raising organic crops and making wine in southwestern Ontario with his Canadian wife, while rooting from afar for the Maize and Blue.

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