Quercus Arborealis Publications is a small, independent publisher located in southwestern Ontario. The company was founded by family historian, indexer, and editor, Alison Kilpatrick, in 2010. We employ print-on-demand technology to publish non-fiction and fiction of two distinct literary types: historic newspaper transcripts and indexes, and environmental science texts and eco-novels.

The imprint, Quercus Arborealis, is a synthesis of two parts: first, the latin name of the Northern Red Oak tree, Quercus borealis; and second, the latin word for tree, arbor. The Northern Red Oak is indigenous to our part of Canada. Oak trees have long denoted powerful symbols in both social and natural history. Our corporate logo features a Northern Red Oak leaf "planted" firmly into the letter I of the word arborealis, evoking the image of the mighty oak, and signifying strength, affirmation of our roots, and a sacred respect for nature.

Quercus Arborealis supports two authors: James Pinson Ludwig, Ph.D, ecologist, and Alison Kilpatrick. Though their endeavours seem disparate, both in subject matter and method of presentation, Alison and Jim share a commitment to create books that are foundational or legacy works that improve our understanding of the cultural and natural world that we inhabit.

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